Forum Thread: How to Make a Stylus Using Household Items

Most people prefer using their fingers to tap on their phone screen, like I am doing now. However, research had shown that there are a lot of bacteria on tge screens - even E. Coli!

To prevent any health issues later on because of my phone, I use a stylus (sonetimes!). In order to save money, I've decided to make a stylus myself. Here's how I do it:

Aluminium Foil (around 5x7cm2)
Ballpoint pen tube (remove the ink cartridge from the tube)
Cotton Bud (a.k.a. Q-tip)
Pipe Cleaner (optional)

Step 1

Slot in the pipe cleaner into the pen tube to make the stylus nicer and better-looking. Cut the end of the pipe cleaner to about 3/4, depending on the size of your cotton bud.

Step 2
Put in the cotton bud. You can cut it to make it fit.

Step 3

Wrap the aluminium foil around the pen tube. The aluminium foil MUST touch the cotton bud. If the aluminium foil doesn't hold, use a piece of Scotch tape and tape it together.

How to use

Dip your cotton bud into water. Your hand must touch the aluminium foil so that the heat from your hand can be conducted to the cotton bud.

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