How To: The Secret to Laying Down on Your Side with Headphones On

The Secret to Laying Down on Your Side with Headphones On

It's nearly impossible to comfortably lay down on your bed or couch with headphones on. Sure, you can position yourself so that your headphones don't touch anything, but that usually means facing up at the ceiling, which is a huge no if you're watching something on Netflix or listening to music on your side.

You might think that AirPods or other ear buds might be the answer, but it's also a pain in the ass to lay down on your side with them on. They might either fall off or push painfully into your ear, so the answer isn't different headphones — it might instead be a neck pillow.

Yes, the fix to your headphone woes is sitting in your closet. If you travel often, you're almost guaranteed to have a neck or travel pillow that you fall asleep on when in uncomfortable positions. Luckily for you, it can also serve a purpose at home.

With your headphones on — either over-ear or in-air — simply turn the neck pillow upside down, so that the arms face up, and lay down on it with your ear in the middle.

Your neck should be resting on the thickest part of the pillow, giving your head support, while your headphones should be snug in the empty spaces, not touching a thing. If you have over-the-ear headphones, the headband won't press against any part of the pillow in the middle or the top. With in-ear headphones, the neck pillow can face any which way, as your only concern is the empty space in the middle.

Additionally, if you wear glasses and headphones (only for in-ear), the neck pillow can also help you. Instead of the neck pillow's arms facing down, make them point wherever your face is pointing. While the in-ear headphones remain undisturbed in the middle, the temples (or arms) of the glasses should fit nicely over the openings of the neck pillow.

You can move the neck pillow around and put it on other pillows to give you more support or a better angle, especially if you're watching television. Either way, you'll no longer have to deal with pain or discomfort whenever you want to lay down on your side when you're wearing headphones (and glasses).

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Cover photo and screenshots by Nelson Aguilar/Gadget Hacks

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