How To: This Trick Makes It So Much Easier to Lower Your Blinds All the Way

This Trick Makes It So Much Easier to Lower Your Blinds All the Way

One of the lowest levels of hell is a room where you have to make the window blinds go all the way down. No matter if you're pulling the cord left or right, forward or backwards, the blinds will drop a foot or two, then catch on some invisible snag and refuse to go down that last little bit.

Sure, you could pull down on the bottom of the blinds with one hand while you're lowering the cord with the other hand, but that's so cumbersome.

Instead, try this: open your blinds before you close them.

No, don't raise the blinds — open the slats. Now, lower the blinds again and see how easily they go down. Amazing, right?

From there, it's just a matter of closing the slats again to shut down for the night. If your blinds have a twisting wand that controls the slats, that could be a little too much work. But you can buy a conversion kit off Amazon and give almost most any set of blinds the faster cord-based slat controls. I've got mine tailored to where they flip open and closed perfectly in a split second.

This little hack works because the "default" state of the blinds is open — in other words, closing them puts more tension on the internal mechanisms. So even if you have the kind of blinds that you manually pull down from the bottom rail to lower, this will still make the actual lowering process easier.

Shout out to Meghan Thomas for submitting this nifty trick!

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Cover image and GIF by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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Are you kidding me? Nobody knew this? That's not a trick, that's how you operate blinds!

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