News: Amazon Prime Video Coming to Apple's TV App This Summer

Amazon Prime Video Coming to Apple's TV App This Summer

The rumors were confirmed today at WWDC, Amazon Prime is coming to the TV app on the iPhone. This app will allow users to stream their favorite Amazon Prime shows including Bosch, Mozart in the Jungle, Catastrophe, Transparent, and more.

The release of this app signals that more collaborations between Apple and Amazon may be coming in the future; ending the squabble between the two about acceptable terms for Amazon to make their app with the Apple TV. The lack of the Prime app for the Apple TV previously had lead to Amazon discontinuing their selling of the product back in 2015. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, says that the app for Amazon Video will be released "later this year", possibly in the summer. We can't wait.

Keep an eye out for more posts regarding announcements at WWDC and learn how to watch.

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