The Clone Wars: Snapchat's New Numbers Mean More Bad News for Troubled App

Snapchat's New Numbers Mean More Bad News for Troubled App

You were the chosen one, Snapchat!

The new download numbers for the social media app show just how hard it will be to bring them back to the light after the rise of the Instagram empire.

Last month we reported that Snapchat's Download numbers had fallen 16%, bringing the number of installs from 25.2 million Snapchat users to 21.2 million. The camera app is facing a worse turn as downloads are now down 22%.

The reason for this? Well, it's still definitely not Facebook Stories.

Nope, recently Instagram has added onto the Stories feature that they copied off of Snapchat by stealing another one of their claims to fame - filters. Now, you can add spruce up your pictures on your Instagram story with filters that are eerily similar to Snapchat's.

When talking about the drops last month, Snapchat assured everyone that everything was fine, that those numbers were meant to be slow, but a 6% drop has things looking pretty bad. Especially since on the other side, Instagram's numbers are rising.

The appeal of Instagram over Snapchat is that Instagram not only now has nearly all the features that made Snapchat interesting, but they also continue to develop and expand on the features that are entirely their own that had made them popular in the first place. The camera quality is better, it's linked with Boomerang and Layout for even more of a variety on your feed, and it's a huge platform for social media savvy entrepreneurs, like bloggers, to network and share their work. These aspects have recently made Instagram the more appealing app to advertisers. Instagram also revealed earlier this year that their "Stories" had hit 200 million users, surpassing Snapchat's 131 million users.

Gadget Hack's resident Instagram Expert, Bettina Mangiaracina explains why Instagram is so much better than Snapchat:

Snapchat is like that one night stand that you play around with once and then move on. Instagram, on the other hand, is the partner that you end up marrying. IG provides you with a more full and satisfying social experience. You never get bored with the app. It always keeps you coming back for more."

— Bettina Mangiaracina, Gadget Hacks

Snapchat seems to be trying to stay in the game with minor updates including "limitless snaps" and being able to create one cohesive story with friends. But with the competitors that they're facing doing whatever they can to beat them, at this point it's do or do not, Snapchat, there is no try.

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