News: Mark Your Calendar Now — The Internet Will Be Useless on Thursday

Mark Your Calendar Now — The Internet Will Be Useless on Thursday

I absolutely loathe it, and I'm certain I'm in the majority, yet we still do this nonsense every year. Take one day and make it to where every headline you read and every link you click are completely useless. Slap a bunch of corporate logos on last year's memes and pollute feeds everywhere with astroturfed ad campaigns.

That's right, Thursday is April Fools' Day. The day big companies try to convince us they're not completely soulless by staging elaborate, soulless ruses.

What started with Google duping users into thinking its new software could read their minds has now turned into a lamefest of epic proportions. Your entire front page on Reddit gets filled with so much fake news you'd swear Trump was back in office. Facebook somehow becomes an even worse drain on society, and the Twitterverse fills up with junk like this:

My suggestion? Get a book, hunker down with an offline video game, or just watch a movie when you get bored this Thursday. And for real, mark your calendars now so you don't forget about the stupidity coming your way!

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