News: Not to Be Left Out, WhatsApp Adds Filters, Album & More to iOS

Not to Be Left Out, WhatsApp Adds Filters, Album & More to iOS

WhatsApp for iOS has updated with three new features. The changes follow a trend of Apple and Facebook updates recently, including Facebook's new options for sharing content on June 1st, and Apple's updates announced at WWDC.

Users can now add filters to photos, videos, and gifs. There are five filters that can be applied to any image (including videos and gifs) from within the WhatsApp camera. The filter options are black and white, pop, cool, chrome, and film.

Albums have also been introduced to make groups of images more convenient to view. When four or more photos or videos are sent or received together, WhatsApp will automatically show them as an album in a tile display; the album can then be tapped to view each photo or video individually.

The albums are not the only update for messaging on WhatsApp. Replying to a message is now simpler and faster. Users can swipe right on a message and immediately begin typing to reply.

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