News: Order for iPhone 8's 3D Touch Sensors & AMOLED Panels Suggest Higher Price & No Launch in September

Order for iPhone 8's 3D Touch Sensors & AMOLED Panels Suggest Higher Price & No Launch in September

The infamous iPhone 8, or iPhone Edition, may take longer than the anticipated September release date due to manufacturing complications of the 3D Touch modules equipped with AMOLED panels.

According to Digitimes, TPK Holding, the Taiwanese touch panel makers, will only start suppling film-based touch sensors at the end of the year, which could mean Apple might not be able to launch the new iPhone in September like they usually do.

Not only will this make the much-awaited iPhone take much longer, but it could also be much more expensive. The new 3D Touch sensors are 60% more expensive than the 3D Touch sensors on the iPhone 7. TPK Holdings is expected to gross a margin rise from 11–12% at present to 20–22% from just the supply of thin film-based touch sensors.

According to Forbes, Apple's decision to switch from LCD to an OLED-compatible 3D Touch display bumps up the cost of manufacturing the phone from $9 to $15 for iPhones equipped with the new AMOLED panels. The expected starting price for the iPhone 8 is $1,000.

Nevertheless, the upcoming iPhone is one to be awaited for. Rumors suggest it won't have a physical home button, will have more screen on the front of the phone, fingerprint sensors within the display, and wireless charging. There will also be an ultrasound-based Touch ID fingerprint sensor built in, as well as a 3D camera. The latter signals that the phone could include augmented reality with facial recognition.

It's possible that this order is for another version of the iPhone, set to be announced at a later date, but it's likely to be the iPhone 8, which means we'll still see an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus in September. Are you excited about 3D Touch updates and other rumored changes? What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments.

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