News: Uncomfortable with Getting Tested for STDs? 'Biem' Sexual Health Service App Can Help

Uncomfortable with Getting Tested for STDs? 'Biem' Sexual Health Service App Can Help

People love sex. They don't love talking about the possible repercussions of sex. And with dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, and Bumble paving new ways for strangers to talk and have casual hookups, people need to be able to more comfortably have a conversation about sexual health and protection. Luckily, now there's an app for that.

Enter "Biem," the world's first online sexual healthcare service. The app was created and developed by healthcare professionals to provide a safe, easy way for those who fear being judged for their sex life to talk about STDs and even get tested in their own homes.

The app is available for iPhone and Android users. Users can discreetly answer questions about their sex life and symptoms they might have which will then connect them to a healthcare professional by way of video chat or text for $45. The professionals are able to advise their patients virtually to ease any shame or judgment they may feel.

Not only that, but after users speak with medical professionals, they are able to make an appointment at the lab most convenient for them for testing. And if the user would rather a more private setting, they are able to schedule a time for a Biem team professional to meet them at the location of their choice to ensure that there is no excuse for them to not be tested.

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Verified results are sent directly to the app once testing is complete, which usually takes between 2–3 days, according to Biem's informational video. The Biem team also seems to recognize how hard it is for patients to have conversations with their partners about these results. They help make this painful conversation easier with an option for privately sharing results with partners and family members so that there is no question of whether or not a partner's answer about their STD status is truthful — and it's not face-to-face. Patients can also receive anonymous notifications if a partner they have connected with on the app tests positive within six months of joining.

Not only does this app encourage testing and make it easier for people to talk about sexual health, it's also great for those who work and don't have time during the week to make a stop at the doctor's office, providing a more flexible alternative.

CEO and co-founder of Biem, Bryan Stacy, gave an exclusive quote to Gadget Hacks about their goals for the app:

We want to free people from sexual health anxiety and move them to action. That's why we created Biem, to eliminate the barriers of inconvenience and judgement. We believe that with the sexual health revolution, people will expect their partners to be tested, and transparent with their results, and they'll look to Biem as the source of truth for that information. This is how we end the STD epidemic. And, all people have to do to participate is ask 'Do you Biem'?"

— Bryan Stacy, CEO and co-founder of Biem

With technology making it easier for people to have sex, ensuring those encounters are safe has to be a priority. What better way to do that in our tech savvy world than with an easy-to-use app? Biem download is free and launches today in a limited way in New York City — a small area used to ensure that while the company is still growing, they are giving users quality caregiving expertise. Biem aims to collaborate with dating apps like Tinder in the future, for a safer online dating experience overall.

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