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Forum Thread: 7 Tips on Free Up Space on iPhone in iOS 11

We may own 16GB, 32GB, 64 GB or 128GB iPhone, but how to free up space on iPhone is a hot topic forever. Especially, there is a lot of us are still stuck with 16 GB iPhones. To help us out, Apple keeps adding space saving features in iOS updates. iOS 11 improves a lot in saving more space for old iOS users though it's not enough to satisfy us. But we can still find some ways to clear space on iPhone in iOS 11.

Forum Thread: How to Turn Off Autoplay Video Feature on Facebook

Learn how to disable videos from playing automatically in your Facebook news feed for both the mobile app and on the desktop. If your videos are playing automatically, then your data package might be affected. If you have a limited data package, then you must stop playing videos automatically. Learn the trick by watching the video and follow along with this tutorial.

Forum Thread: How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Phone Number

Here in this post, You will learn how to send a whatsApp message without saving a phone number in your Phonebook. Usually, you cannot send WhatsApp message to someone who is not in your contact list. You first have to add his number to your contact list then from whatsApp application, you can send them a message. But Now you can also send message to random numbers without saving their numbers to your contact list. Watch the full video to know the trick.

Forum Thread: 5 Incredible Benefits of OpenCart Every Ecommerce Site Must Know

While doing business in the ecommerce environment, every business must choose the right platform in order to effectively compete with the other players in their industry segment. OpenCart has several wonderful advantages including simplicity, multi-functionality and flexibility that make it one of the most wonderful platforms to build ecommerce websites. Here are the top features of this online shopping software that businesses must know.

Forum Thread: How to Bypass Windows 10 Password to Unlock Laptop

Here we will provide you a way to access the locked Windows 10 without password. You can also have a test of iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius. But you have to prepare an accessible computer and the USB device. Then, you should download Windows 10 Password bypass software on the accessible computer. Highly recommend you the full version.

Forum Thread: I just opened my excel file on my phone

I just opened my excel file on my phone, which I was sent to the mail for work. The file is frozen and now, when opening, an error about an unknown format comes out. I tried to restart the application, but nothing has changed for the better. I'm sure that everything was in order with the program. What to do with this?

Forum Thread: iOS 12 Beta 2 Is It Worth Updating !!

iOS 12 Beta 2 is Out! - Should You Update? Beta 2 presents quite a few minor but still new changes to further refine iOS 12. In this video we analyze those features and talk about if this update is worth it for you! Share your experiences with beta 2 if you have it downloaded to you device and enjoy the content. Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video

Forum Thread: 3 Different Ways - Check Treble Support for Your Phone

This is only for those if their your phone has been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. Phones pre-installed with android Oreo are required to support Project Treble — but that isn't the case if your phone gets updated to Oreo. Some OEMs are adding Treble support, others are not. But you can see if your phone got it by using the methods in the video, then your phone supports Treble

Forum Thread: How to Utilize Social Media as an Effective Means for an Online Business?

Nowadays, the number of people who are interested and involved in the online business, marketing, and jobs is unceasingly growing. The present generations become more aware of the magnificent power and influence of social media in day to day life. They have realized that social media is the best and effective way to promote business, service, and products. The business owners mostly use social media as the medium of online marketing.

Forum Thread: How to Screen Mirror iPhone to PC

Screen mirroring iPhone to computer is not difficult nowadays with the introduction of different mirroring programs on the web. However, most of the applications are costly and ask for registration or signing up before you can use the tool. So, if you can't afford to pay or lose your personal information, what will you do? Fortunately, there are some apps that can send iPhone display on your computer perfectly even without going through these processes. Check out the list below to know the be...

Forum Thread: Illustrator on My Phone

Sometimes I create a small design in Adobe Illustrator right on my phone. But today, before sending one of my old drawings, I saw that he was now opening in a distorted form. I don't know what could go wrong. But I really hope for a solution.

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