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Forum Thread: highlighting multiple photos on LG G3 gallery

How do I highlight multiple photos from my LG G3 photo gallery to upload via one of the methods shown on my device. I am only able to highlight one at a time. There is no equivalent to a computer shift key to hold down to do this. Any advice really appreciated - I must have spent at least an hour trying to sort this out!

Forum Thread: Samsung A50 Screen Recording

Is there a way to record the screen of the Samsung A50, when I searched, I found that A50s has the built-in feature for that? Can we enable the same feature on Samsung A50 or Do we need to download a third-party app for it. If so which app is the best for this?

Forum Thread: VirtualXposed

VirtualXposed helps non-root Android users to modify their Android smartphones using Xposed modules. Technically, Xposed modules require root access and a module can be described as a small installable Android modification that can modify Android OS or Android apps. For example, you can use the Samsung Music customiser Xposed module to change the color of the regular Samsung music app. With the help of VirtualXposed, users are able to some of the app-related Xposed modules like Samsung Music ...

Forum Thread: Ringtone Has Been Set to Maximum Volume on Its Own

Recently my ringtone has been set to maximum volume on its own. Does someone have the problem or tips? iOS 13.2.3.In the control center, the volume is set to approx. 1/3, but when I press the Volume Up / Down buttons it is at full volume and the volume also rings. If I make it quieter, after a while the volume will turn up again by itself, whereby 1/3 is still displayed in the control center.

Forum Thread: Recover corrupted pictures

Recently I tried to put the pictures in the old Samsung s5 to an sd card. A day later I saw that the pictures and videos were all gone to the lost.dir folder. after some time of searching around the web, I tried to recover them through software and it failed. so now, a new problem has arisen. all the pictures became a folder called UUUUU.UUU. can someone help me recover these corrupted pictures please. thank you.

Forum Thread: Ultra Power Saving

I have been using Ultra Power Saving for quite some time. Recently the Message app disappeared from the list of available apps in Ultra Power Saving. I can still send and receive text messages, but it's very cumbersome. How do I get the Message app back?

Forum Thread: Laptop Audio Jack Low Volume and Muffled Sound When Watching Media but Sounds Completely Fine on System Sounds

hello. I have a lenovo v310 and when connect headphones or earbuds to my audio jack system sounds are completely normal but anything else like music or youtube is very low volume and sounds like its underwater. I tried uninstalling and downloading latest drivers from the lenovo website but it didnt work. Changing anything in realtek audio manager doesnt seem to help either. help pls

Forum Thread: Maybe Windows Should Warn Users When an Update Is Going to Take 45 Minutes?

Windows usually only takes a couple minutes to do an update. Today I rebooted my machine because it was acting up and now I'm sitting here waiting for it to update (20 minutes in and I'm at 26%). I'm imagining the millions of hours of lost productivity because Microsoft doesn't consider warning users that an update will be particularly long, nor does it allow them to restart without updating.

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