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Forum Thread: "Bharjari Is Movie of the New Generation" - Agam Mishra

Ever been in a situation to choose which genre movie should be in your bucket list? Well, this question boom our mind regularly. Certainly, youth connects with coming of the age cinema and Indian Film industry is evolving in terms of excellent content for the youth with a topping of futuristic vision. Bharjari is the latest offering in this section. Well a South Indian Movie with futuristic vision might confuse you at first but experts have different opinion for it.

Forum Thread: Prompt to Me How to Open the File Necessary to Me.

Hi people. I here the newcomer and in computers and and different programs too. I need your help. I wrote article in the new MSWord 2013 version and today the whole day tried to open it and nothing was impossible. And all I do not want to perform work again. Maybe here somebody knows as to open for me my Word file writes such error: Word document is corrupted.I am a balgodarna anyway for attention and please do not think of me badly I not stupid.

Forum Thread: Your One-Stop App To Manage All Your Personal Finance Woes

Managing one's personal finance is quite possibly one of the most challenging tasks for people these days. And, it's not just the typical out-of-college youngsters that are afflicted by this condition, even the veterans who have been working for years tend to struggle with this. Besides, poor financial planning will lead to overspending and subsequently towards debt traps, which many are ill-equipped to deal with. While there are thousands of smartphone apps that help take care of this, not a...

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