News: Can't Sleep? This App by US Navy Veteran Can Help

Can't Sleep? This App by US Navy Veteran Can Help

Despite what you may have heard, sleep is NOT for the weak. It's essential, not to mention it makes us feel a hell of a lot better in general. But for some, getting to sleep is easier said than done. In fact, about 50 million to 70 million people in the US have a sleep or wakefulness disorder, according to the CDC.

Former US Navy lieutenant, Andy Salamon, creator of the new app 'Rested' is no stranger to that. For years he witnessed his father suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea. When the family finally nudged his father to seek out a solution, the process was so tedious that it was a long time before he got the help he needed. Salamon decided he wanted to do something for others like his father who might not know what is wrong with their sleep patterns, or lack thereof.

Thus, Rested was born.

The app is designed to help people determine if they are at risk for sleep disorders. It first asks you a series of questions based on your symptoms to determine what is wrong and then assesses how high the risk is.

(1) Assessing user's risks, (2) Letting you know whats at stake

It then monitors your sleep patterns through the night to get a clearer idea. Additionally, Rested allows users to record their sleep sounds to figure out if they are snoring during the night, and how badly. The free service goes through these tests and then provides advice on how to sleep better, suited specifically for the needs of the user.

(1) Rested App, (2) Rested App Sleep Monitor

Rested has additional help covered too. If users are looking for direct connections to professionals, they can pay for a service that allows them to have an in-app consultation with a doctor or sleep coach. The doctor will view the results of their assessment and give a diagnosis from there. Users are also able to get virtual visits with a respiratory therapist to get fitted with a sleep mask in their own home. After the virtual meeting is done, Rested makes sure that users are able to pay with a method of their choice, including insurance or out-of-pocket payments.

(1) Getting Help, (2) In-app Chat Free Trial

The app adds to a long line of new mobile solutions for getting diagnosed without the hassle of going to a ton of doctor's appointments. Salamon hopes that this app will make it much easier for those who suffer from sleep disorders to get help. The digital nature of the app speeds up the process and makes it more convenient to get diagnosed than an overnight stay in a sleep facility.

'Rested' is currently only available in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Virginia, but the company has just announced that it has raised $7.4 million in venture capital to now expand nationwide.

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