News: Convert Your Furniture into a Wireless Charging Surface for Less Than $50 with This Ikea Product

Convert Your Furniture into a Wireless Charging Surface for Less Than $50 with This Ikea Product

Wireless charging is pretty much ubiquitous among modern iPhones and Android smartphones, but the technology has brought a lot of clutter with it.

If you desire the convenience of wireless charging, you've guaranteed that a charging pad or dock will be ever-present on your end table, desk, or nightstand. Sure, you could buy furniture with wireless charging built-in, but those luxuries don't come cheap.

Well, Ikea has a DIY solution that lets you hide wireless charging capabilities within your existing furniture and ditch the charging pads.

Now available for $39.99, the Ikea Sjömärke is a wireless charger designed to be affixed beneath a shelf or tabletop.

Image by Ikea/YouTube

Included in the package is one wireless charger, one power supply unit, four strips of double-sided adhesive tape, and two marker stickers.

I'm mostly incompetent when it comes to home improvement tasks, but I am fairly confident I can handle this installation myself. Simply attach the included tape to the charging block, then stick it under the surface you want to imbue with charging powers. Finally, place the marker sticker on the other side of the surface so you'll know where to place your device for charging.

Image by Ikea/YouTube

There are a few caveats for the Sjömärke. First, it's compatible with practically any material except metal. Second, the charging block needs to be at least 3/8 inch (8mm) away from the targeted device for charging, but no further away than 7/8 inch (22 mm), so measure the thickness of your furniture surface before committing to the installation. Third, you may opt to install the charger with screws, which are not included.

An Ikea spokesperson told The Verge that the charging kit will be available in stores and online in October.

The price tag might be a bit higher than the average charging pad, but it's certainly cheaper than buying an entirely new coffee table. If the pristine look isn't enough to justify the cost, Ikea offers several inexpensive wireless charging options in finishes and fabrics to match your decor.

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Cover image via Ikea/YouTube

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