Finally: Smartphone Users Can Easily Access Their Kindle Notes & Highlights

Smartphone Users Can Easily Access Their Kindle Notes & Highlights

When I crack open a new book, I always make sure I have a pen and a highlighter nearby so I can mark away! Anything particularly witty, inspiring, or engaging gets highlighted, underlined, or circled. When I use the Amazon Kindle app on my phone, I do the same thing by writing notes and highlighting, but I often find it difficult to keep track of my markings.

Fortunately, Kindle just announced a new feature that will make this much easier for those of you using the app on your favorite smartphone. If you're a bibliophile like me, you can now rejoice because Kindle is compiling all of your notes and highlights into one home page that can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or PC.

The home page on a PC. Image via Kindle
The home page on an iPhone. Image via Kindle

This highly requested update brings all Kindle users — specifically smartphone users — easier access to their notes and highlights. Gone are the days of figuring out intricate notes and highlights hacks because this update makes all of those tricks unnecessary and lets users view their markings in a simple, easy-to-find location.

No matter what device you're using, your Kindle notes and highlights are now just a click away. While not everyone has $300 to shell out for a fancy Kindle Oasis e-reader, bookworms everywhere can celebrate this big improvement right on their phones.

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