News: From Dogs to Clothes, New Roadie App Helps You Move Your Stuff

From Dogs to Clothes, New Roadie App Helps You Move Your Stuff

A new app called Roadie now makes life a little easier by connecting users to people who can transport their stuff. The app allows users to transport anything from dogs to getting rid of your ex's things. Furthermore, anyone can register as a sender, or become a driver to make an extra buck.

Images by Fionnuala O'Leary/GadgetHacks

The app is very easy to use: simply download (the app is available on both iOS and Android) and register using an email address or with Facebook. Using the profile you've created, users then select whether they want to "Become a Roadie" and enter their license details, or "Become a Sender" and link their PayPal or credit card.

To send something, simply post your item, get an estimate, choose a driver, and track the stuff you're sending. Users looking to drive can select "Gigs" in their area using Roadie's interactive map that shows open jobs and how far the shipment is meant to go.

Image via Roadie

The startup is backed by none other than former rapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, who is adding yet another string to his entrepreneurial bow with Roadie.

Speaking about the innovative venture at SXSW this weekend, Marc Gorlin, CEO and founder of Roadie, told Mashable:

There's an unbelievable natural resource, bigger than San Francisco, made up of all the places that people go every day, 250 million vehicles, a billion square footage of capacity every day that hits the road."

Roadie is interesting in that unlike Uber, anyone can view potential gigs and apply to be a driver. It seems like an easy way to make a quick buck if you've got a car (or bike) and there are job in the area.

(1) Choose a gig from the Roadie map. (2) To register as a sender simply enter your payment information. Images by Fionnuala O'Leary/Gadget Hacks

According to Mashable, the app has come in handy for users looking to move items that would be much more expensive to ship using traditional methods, including, but not limited to: a cat named Vemla and a 7-foot tall Jar Jar Binks statue that needed to get to California.

Gorlin has also teamed up with Delta airlines to transport lost bags to their owners, and Waffle House to deliver food, so evidently the sky is the limit when it comes to Roadie. In the past, they've teamed up with Goodwill to pick up and deliver donations to stores. They're currently looking to add more retail partners to their service, so you may be seeing it popping up more in the future.

Do you like the idea? Or would you be worried about handing over your cat to a stranger?

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