News: Now You Can Fix Your Apple Device with a Little Help from Their Support App

Now You Can Fix Your Apple Device with a Little Help from Their Support App

It really is a pain getting an Apple device fixed ... What's a gal to do when there's jelly stuck in your Macbook Pro fan and no Apple Store in sight? (Yes, this actually happened to me. Stop laughing.)

Good news for everyone in a similar situation with their phone: The Apple Support App can now hook you up for repair in a hassle-free manner. Hallelujah!

A new update schedules repairs for users with an authorized service provider. This basically means that you can send off your broken device to someone who is a) qualified to fix it and b) authorized by Apple.

Before this long-overdue update, scheduling with third-party service providers simply wasn't an option and made the situation a whole lot worse. Too much hassle. Too much time wasted. With this update, users can now locate the nearest service provider and make an appointment with them, instead of sending it back to the company.

This update also helps people who are in a rush — like yours truly — and combats the issue of Apple repair providers who are too busy to slot in your broken device.

The feature also means that the app is now on par with Apple Support's web version, which includes this handy scheduling feature. But if you're more partial to the app, then this will be a welcome addition.

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