News: One Number to Rule Them All! T-Mobile (Finally) Brings 'Digits' to Every Customer

One Number to Rule Them All! T-Mobile (Finally) Brings 'Digits' to Every Customer

The roll-out of T-Mobile's hotly anticipated 'Digits' service is now underway.

For those unfamiliar with what could be the un-carrier's next killer app, 'Digits' is basically a combination of Google Voice and AT&T NumberSync. With it, T-Mobile customers can use their number across any phone, tablet, wearable, or PC. That means you can give out your phone number and answer the call on any device you like.

On Thursday, T-Mobile confirmed that Digits would launch to every customer beginning May 31st in a vlog post. Current T-Mobile subscribers will have their number transformed into a Digits' version for free starting that day. That number can then be used on any T-Mobile iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablet, wearable, or computer and is applicable to subscribers on all T-Mobile postpaid and prepaid plans.

Lucky T-Mobile One Plus plan users will get a second Digits number for free for a limited time by calling customer care or going to a T-Mobile retail store. The rest of us — or One Plus plan holders who want more than two Digits numbers — can pay $10/month for every additional Digits number.

T-Mobile must have realized they were onto a winner early on. According to their director of product marketing, Evan Feldman, the beta of Digits now hosts tens of thousands subscribers. Speaking about their free service, President and CEO John Legere said:

Phone numbers are so yesterday—DIGITS are now. Starting next week, T-Mobile doesn't have phone numbers anymore—we have DIGITS. They're your REAL T-Mobile phone number but with none of the old limits. DIGITS is another industry-shaking Un-carrier innovation aimed at changing wireless for good.

It's a seriously convenient service for people who like to keep their work/home life separate via different numbers. It's also certainly useful considering T-Mobile's data found that 30 million Americans have more than one phone. But with Digits, they only need one number.

You can download the Digits app on your smartphone via the Playstore for Android or iTunes and sign in using your T-Mobile ID and password. Meanwhile, Digits will be an inbuilt app on T-mobile branded Samsung and LG phones, like the Note 5, Galaxy S7 edge, and LG G5. To get the update up and running on these devices, go to Settings, tap 'About device' and then click 'Download updates manually.'

To unblock built-in digits on branded Samsung and LG devices, users must go to Menu on their T-Mobile app and click through to USAGE & PLANS. After tapping View line detail, scroll down to the DIGITS tile and tap Unlock twice as it appears.

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