News: Say Goodbye to Texting & Driving, Thanks to This New App from Samsung

Say Goodbye to Texting & Driving, Thanks to This New App from Samsung

We all know we shouldn't be using our smartphones while driving. But we also know many people do it anyway. Soon, however, the addicts among us may not have a choice but to kick their habit. A new app announced today by Samsung will block all calls and texts while you drive, stopping those who text and drive right in their tracks.

The app, which Samsung has dubbed "In-Traffic Reply", is designed to utilize the GPS in your smartphone; that way, it will know if you are occupied on the road, both driving in a car or riding a bike. When "In-Traffic Reply" is activated, all calls and texts will be stopped. The phone will then send one of three automatic text replies to the sender; the default message ("I'm driving, so I cannot answer at the moment."), what Samsung calls a "fun, animated response," or whatever message the user likes, so long as they set it ahead of driving.

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The app comes as road deaths are becoming more and more common. Studies have shown distracted driving leads to a sharply increased risk of accidents. In fact, Samsung Netherlands, the division behind "In-Traffic Reply," conducted research which found around one-third of Dutch drivers use a smartphone, at one point or another, while driving or riding a bike. We've reached out to Samsung for further comment on this new initiative.

The app is set to release on the Google Play Store in mid-May, but if you'd like to experience "In-Traffic Reply" before then, PhoneArena discovered the beta .apk, which you can download here via SamMobile.

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How can it distinguish between driver & passenger? if it use only the gps reading then it blocks the passengers call also,but that's not feasible.

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