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Forum Thread: Mira Essence

Mira Essence Of late, Mira Essence use of Botox treatment has also become famous and most of Mira Essence celebrities are creating use of this approach to slow up Mira Essence ravages of your energy and effort. Mira Essence stop aging therapy cream for throat and experience can be your best option but Mira Essence outcomes of this can be noticed only after a moment period. Contrary to Mira Essence stop aging therapy cream for throat and experience, Mira Essence Botox treatment therapies will ...

Forum Thread: The Best Anti Aging Cream

Purely Vibrant is an anti-aging face cream which prevents skin from damaging environmental effects making it appear young and ageless. It is an effortless solution to attain luminous and healthy skin. As we become older, the skin renews itself more slowly than when you are young because the creation of collagen, natural proteins that provide the stability of the skin start to drop, causing breakage of skin and wrinkles.

Forum Thread: OneUI/Pie Lock Screen Clock Problem

Since the OneUI/Android Pie Upgrade on My Galaxy S9+, One of the Themes (Don't Know Which) Has Changed the Lock Screen Clock's Default Font. Also, All the Widgets That Were Applied on My Home Screens Disappeared and Had to Be Redone. Widgets, I Have Fixed but I Can't Find Anyway to Revert the Clock Font. Can You Please Help?

Forum Thread: Motherboard won't power on.. How do fix it?

Hi, I have an Asus Vivibook X202E core i3 laptop. It went off when the DC adaptor broke but after I got it fixed it won't power on. If I read the motherboard with a multimeter, it indicates there is power but the board or the LED nothing powers on. I have checked of there is an IC that hot or something but couldn't find any.

Forum Thread: DIY 5-Minute $2 Dollar Taser

Ever wanted a tiny, portable device that could deliver a nice 30,000 volts, could be made for next to nothing, from household items, and give any attacker a nasty jolt? Well, I didn't have a need for it, but for an 11 year old (mad) science lover 30,000 volts in 3 minutes seemed like an awesome idea.

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