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Forum Thread: [Solved] This App Can't Run on Your PC Problem

This app can't run on this PC or this App Can't Run On Your PC, this problem is quite common. It occurs sometime, when try to download and install an application from unknown source. Then windows inbuilt software prevent these type of application to install on windows and give this error. There are many other reasons also which cause this problem.

Forum Thread: Is It Time to Drop the “Smart”?

On a forum devoted to smart appliances, an exasperated user under an alias of John Gazpacho wrote: "In the days of old home alarms, you would come home to find your house had been burgled with the siren annoying all the neighbors. Now with my super smart home monitoring system, I can watch as my house is being burgled! Is that progress? … to actually PREVENT the burglary... is it a big ask?"

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